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>>Bachelor of Science Program
            The faculty offers a four-year program in Medical Technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Radiologic Technology.

Bachelor of Science Program in Medical Technology

This is a four-year program designed to produce medical technologists capable of conducting laboratory tests. The training will provide the vital skills necessary for accurate diagnosis and follow-up treatment of diseases and other medical conditions. Graduates will have knowledge and skills in both medical sciences and medical laboratory investigative procedures. They will also be able to implement community health and hygiene development programs in collaboration with other allied health science professionals.

Bachelor of Science Program in Radiologic Technology

A four-year program designed to produce radiologic technologists. Graduates will have the knowledge and ability to work efficiently, safety, and economically in the practical application of diagnostic and therapeutic radiation. After preliminary studies in general medical biology and health sciences, students must complete three specialized training courses in diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. Graduates will be able to perform the standard radiological-based investigation techniques, and will be able to use sophisticated radiological instruments and equipment.

Bachelor of Science Program in Occupational Therapy

A four-year program designed to produce occupational therapists. Graduates will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide services to patients who have physical, developmental, emotional and social disabilities. Graduates will be able to support patients in overcoming their disabilities and becoming independent, productive citizens who are able to lead satisfying life styles. Fields of study includes the appropriate use of activities, treatment techniques and therapeutic devices as fundamental intervention tools in the promotion of holistic health in a social context.

Bachelor of Science Program in Physical Therapy

A four-year program that has been designed to produce physical therapists with the necessary skills in the practice of physical therapy, in clinical decision making, research, and leadership. The program provides avenues for specialization in musculoskeletal, neurological, pediatric, cardiopulmonary and geriatric physical therapy. This emphasis on specialization allows the department to offer students the opportunity to take more advanced course work and to experience clinical practice in these areas of study. The graduates can also enhance their basic research skills via the practicum. 


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