The Faculty of AMS encourages staff and students to be a part of many activities related to community service, Lanna and Thai tradition and culture, virtue and morality. The goal is to give students an ethical sense of human responsibility necessary in order to be health care practitioners.


Student Life

The most important lifelong friendship begin here on the AMS campus. The experience of living with many people from all over the country, sharing triumphs, laughing together, cheering each other and helping one another through disappointments creates a lasting bond. The AMS campus is an active, vibrant place where students and staff always have something happening. The on-campus services provide complete facilities to supplement student life. These include the accommodation, student dormitories, Student Health Service Clinic at the Faculty of Medicine, convenience stores, cafe ,internet/computer, postal and banking services and transport services.



Cost of living in Chiangmai is not much expensive in comparison to the other capital cities. Regarding to the accommodation, the university provides the dormitories on campus for most of students (depend on their choices). The dormitories on campus are separated for male and female gender, but they may need to share the room with their roommate. The accommodation fee of the university’s dormitory is approximately 1,200 per semester/student up to approximately 1,450 baht per month/student. In addition, the student, who needs privacy, also can find the reasonable apartment/dormitory or rental house near by the campus. It’s cost approximately 3,000 – 7,000 baht per month/room (depending on the room conditions).



Markets, 24-hour convenient stores, shopping malls and restaurants are plenty in Chiangmai city. Therefore, foods are very convenient to find and of course it is delicious as well as very cheap. For example, if you have fifty bath, you can buy the big plate of food with soft drink. You also can learn to cook Thai foods by selecting the ingredients from the fresh markets or shopping malls near by the campus. There are also a lot of food shops along the main road for you to enjoy eating.  



Most of Chiangmai people and students use their motorcycle and car. You also can go around the city by the red van (local service taxi) or Tuk-Tuk. Bicycle is also alternative option for the one who love to be healthy.


Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy shops

There are many Pharmacy shops around the city, it is convenient to meet pharmacist to get some basic medications. However, if you would like to consult the doctors or specialists, there are numbers of private clinic as well as the public and private hospitals around Chiangmai area.



Chaingmai is one of the most attraction for tourists around the world. Chiangmai people are kind and friendly. Chiangmai is rich of Lanna’s culture and traditions. Hundred of festivals and ceremony events around the year make Chiangmai is famous and nice place for living and studying. Chiangmai are abundant of interesting natural landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, farms, zoos, flowers, fruits, historic places and temples as well as the modern technologies. You will enjoy staying and fall in love Chiangmai.


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