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Research Presentation at the international conferences "The 3rd Pan-Asian Biomedical Science Conference 2016"

1. Miss Patcharin Thammasit   

Research entitled: In vitro ethanol extract propolis reduces Cryptococcus neoformans melanogenesis

Oral Presentation

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Khajornsak Tragoolpua

2. Miss  Santhasiri Orrapin   

Research entitled: In silico characterization of defensin antimicrobial peptide isolated from tropical plant seed [Crotalaris juncea]

Poster Presentation

Advisor: Assistant Prof. Dr. Sorasak Intorasoot

3. Miss Kantinan Chuensirikulchai   

Research entitled: Development of competitive antibody-based sensor for tuberculosis diagnosis by detecting secreted antigen 85 complex

Oral Presentation

Advisor: Dr. Supansa Pata

4. Mr. Sutpirat Moonmuang

Research entitled: Development of anti-interferon gamma autoantibody detection in adult onset immunodeficiency patients by bio-layer interferometry

Oral Presentation

Advisor: : Prof. Dr. Chatchai Tayapiwattana

5. Miss Saichit Khummuang              

Research entitled: CD3-CD56dim NK Cells Cytotoxic Function Against Tumor Cells Links to The Expression of N-glycan Recognized by Monoclonal Antibody FE-1H10

Poster Presentation

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Watchara Kasinrerk

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