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MOU Signing Ceremony and visit at the School of Pharmacy, Southwest Medical University, China

During 28 October 2017 to 1 November 2017, Dean Wasna Sirirungsi had officially visited at the School of Pharmacy, Southwest Medical University, China to attend MOU signing ceremony and seeking for Academic and Research Collaborations to strengthen collaboration between both institutions.

This official visit provided a great opportunity for AMS, CMU and School of Pharmacy, Southwest Medical University in strengthening and deepening friendship as well as seeking the path to the joint program & double degree in Biomedical Science Program collaborations  as well as student and staff exchange.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Wasna Sirirungsi and AMS members were warmly welcomed by the President Prof. Dr. Yanzheng He ,Prof. Dr. Chi-Hin Cho Research & Emeritus Professor from School of Biomedical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the University's senior executives at the School of Pharmacy, Southwest Medical University.


The detail of 6 visitors are as following:
    Asst/Prof. Dr. Wasna Sirirungsi (Dean)
    Dr. Sakorn Pornprasert (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)
    Assoc/Prof. Dr. Aatit Paungmali (Associate Dean for Research & International Relations)
    Asst/Prof. Dr. Supaporn Chinchai (Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies Affairs)
    Assoc/Prof. Dr. Ratchada Cressey (Head of Clinical Chemistry Division, Department of Medical Technology)
    Asst/Prof. Dr. Nathupakorn Dechsupa (Vice-Director of Cancer Research and Molecular Imaging Unit, Department of Radiologic Technology)



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