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Resigning from Study

  • A student who wishes to resign from being a Graduate Student, must submit a request to resign and reason for resignation, with consent from his/her general advisor for the higher graduate diploma program or general advisor/ thesis advisor/ independent

    advisor for master’s degree students. (Doctoral degree students must be approved by the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee), the Graduate Program Executive  Committee and the appropriate Graduate Education Executive Committee, and with the  approval of the Graduate School.

    The student must submit a request not later than the last day of the course withdrawal  date, getting grade “W” the following semester according to the academic calendar of  Chiang Mai University.

  • For a student who is late in submitting a request, the Graduate School will not offer it to  Chiang Mai University to consider until Chiang Mai University has announced its new  academic calendar.

    In the cases of unavoidable or force majeure causes for submitting a request late, the  student must submit a request that follows the steps of the procedure with evidence of  the necessity or force majeure and related documents.

    During waiting for approval of resignation, the student will still retain student status and  act accordingly to all regulations of Chiang Mai University. See how to precess resignation from study >> TH l EN

    Download form - General Request Form
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