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Regaining Student Status

Student who has been terminated by the university with the  reason of dishonest, misbehave, acting against morality, codes of ethics or law is not eligible to reenroll in the university.

Student who has already graduated or has been terminated by the regulation:

  • Resignation
  • Having rerolled a program for a maximum duration from the first date of first regular semester of enrollment.
  • Study result with grade point average of less than 2.75 when having enrolled every  2 regular semesters.
  • A doctoral student who fails qualifying examination without having the approval to  transfer to a master’s degree program
  • Thesis title and proposal has not been approved after enrollment for a period of time as specified below;
    • For every type of master’s degree program, 2 academic years.
    • For every type of doctoral degree program, 3 academic years.
  • Having failed comprehensive examination and has been admitted as a student again, is able to transfer the courses and  credits earned within past 5 years from the date of course enrollment.

Graduate student who wishes to resume student status after student status has been terminated by the regulation:

  • Resignation
  • Transfer to other university
  • Having not enrolled any course within the time specified by the university without  maintaining the student status within 30 days from first date of regular semester.
  • Having not paid tuition fee within the time specified by the university.

may request restoration of his/her student status by submitting a request and supporting statement, along with other documents deemed helpful, to the Graduate School at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the semester in which he/she wishes to resume studying. Regaining Student Status must take place within 365 days of forfeiture of student status. See how to precess regaining student status >> TH l EN

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