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Termination of Student Status

Student status termination may be caused by the following cases

  • Dead
  • Resignation
  • Transfer to other university
  • Lack of one of qualifications or conditions of applicant to enroll as a student
  • Having not enrolled any course within the time specified by the university without  maintaining the student status within 30 days from first date of regular semester.
  • Having rerolled a program for a maximum duration specified from the first date of  first regular semester of enrollment.
  • Study result with grade point average of less than 2.75 when having enrolled every 2  regular semesters.
  • A doctoral student who fails qualifying examination without having the approval to  transfer to a master’s degree program
  • Thesis title and proposal has not been approved after enrollment for a period of time as specified below
    • For every type of master’s degree program, 2 academic years.
    • For every type of doctoral degree program, 3 academic years.
  • Having enrolled for 2 regular semesters without any credit earned, except the program with thesis only.
  • Having failed comprehensive examination as specified in no. 24 of Chiang Mai University Regulation on Graduate Education 2559 B.E.
  • Having not paid tuition fee within the time specified by the university.

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