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Degree completion

It's time to graduate! All your hard work has paid off!

There are important tasks you have to complete in order to graduate:

  • Having studied courses and fulfilled all the conditions specified in the curriculum.
  • Having received grade point average of all courses at least 3.00 and grade point average of courses in specific field at least 3.00, except program with dissertation or  master’s thesis only.
  • Having passed a foreign language conditions by examination or any other methods  specified by the graduate school.
  • Having passed comprehensive examination, for type 3 and type 4 master’s student and  for the program that has specified.
  • Having passed thesis evaluation examination. The dissertation (doctoral thesis) must be  composed in English language or any other language approved by the graduate school,  as the individual case may be.
  • Thesis result must be published or at least accepted to publish in a journal, media,  printed matter, or registered a petty patent or patent, or in other forms accepted by  the field of study with the approval of the graduate school for each level and/ or type of study.
  • Having qualifications complying with the university regulation on student’s honor and  glory determination to graduate a degree or diploma of the university.
  • Being honest and faithful with morality and ethics, by righteously and legally creation of  work based on facts without any biasing, making up or false data, violating rights, stealing, copying, imitating or repeating (plagiarizing) works of the others.

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