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Student Responsibilities

Contiuous online enrollment

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All graduate students admitted to the Faculty must register when they begin their studies. Students must remain continuously registered until the degree is completed, except for periods of time for which the student is away on an approved leave of absence. Failure to register for two consecutive terms may result in the student being required to withdraw.

Students must only register in courses that are part of their programs. If students do register in courses unrelated to their programs, they are still responsible for completing the courses with the required minimum grades for graduate students, or must re-take or make up the course. Graduate students cannot graduate with unresolved failing marks."

Note: Continuous registration includes the summer term.

Exception: Students who are eligible for leaves of absence. They can take time away from their studies by not registering in courses.

Study Progress Report

AMS conducts study progress reporting twice per year, within a week after the last day of every semester/classes in May, then again in December. All enrolled graduate students are required to complete a study progress report twice per year, with the approval of the Graduate Program Executive Committee and the Graduate Education Executive Committee and inform the Graduate School to acknowledge that is under the Announcement of the Graduate School, Chiang Mai University No. 24/2017 Subject: Graduate Student Thesis Procedures, signed on July 7, 2012 article 37 (3.7.3). See how to submit a study pregess report > TH l EN

The study progress report allows to better monitor the progress of students in their program. It also makes it possible to evaluate the progress made during the last year and to define the objectives for the following year. The information provided in the report ensures that all students are making systematic and consistent progress in their research.

It’s also an opportunity for the student and the supervisor to meet and to take stock of the research and adjust accordingly. It is important to take advantage of these meetings to review the research goals and agree on the expected progress in the months to come. It is possible that several versions of the progress report are needed before coming to a final version.

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