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AMS Graduate Affairs

Academic Excellence
AMS is an institution of professional excellence and to have internationally renowned research, high quality education programs offering the four academic department: Medical Technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Radiological Technology.

AMS Researchers conduct basic, clinical and innovative research in multiple areas such as Cancer, Thalassemia, HIV and Co-infection, Aging, Aminal Assisted Therapy, Community Health and Molecular Imaging. Research is performed in laboratories, clinics and the communities. Each year, the AMS is awarded more than 50 Million Baht research budget form various national and internaitonal granting agencies leading to more than 100 published articles in national and international scientific journals. AMS research products have been patented such as CD4 enumeration test kit, Thalassemia diagnostic test kit and serval rehabilitation innovations. The AMS diagnostic technique to identify HIV infected infants has been using as a part of the national program for prevention of HIV mother-to-child transmission run by the National Health Security Office. So far, over 15,000 infants have benefited from this service. We are proud of our staff and students for their academic achievements.
AMS has three main buildings which provide facilities for teaching, academic services and research. The AMS Library has varities of up-to-date textbooks and journals along with digital resources from standard global databases, a room with open access computers called ITSC Corner that can be used for academic study and training purposes. Our faculty also provides various facilities for staff and students such as student dormitory, cafeteria and student-gathering area with free Wi-fi

AMS has collaborated with national and international universities and institutions to promote education and research such as Mahidol University, Khon Kaen University, Rajanagatinda Institute of Chile Development, Sport Authority of Thailand, Department of Medical Services and the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Internationally; France, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philiphines, Myanmar and China. Activities covered by these Agreement and Memoranda include academic collaboration, the secondment of thesis advisors and project consultants, joint research, faculty staff and student student exchange, curriculum development, joint seminars, and information exchange.


Fantastic Location

AMS is located in Chiang Mai where is the capital of the old Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai currently is hub of Northern thailand, the capital city of province and most poppular place in Thailand, Chiang Mai rich in culture and tradition, the old temple and city, ancient wall and moat, museams, tribal villages and various national park, forest, tallest mountains, widelife sanctuary and you can also enjoy three seasons per year, including beautiful summer and the wind is blowing in cold season.
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