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General and Thesis Advisors

Each student in graduate diploma, higher graduate diploma and master's degree level shall be assigned a general advisor to advice and take care of study plan for the student, in order to comply with that specified in the program, regulations and any other necessary and appropiate matters.

For master's degree student, a thesis major advisor shall be assiged for guiding and taking care of doing master's thesis. Thesis advisor may be in the form of advisory committee comprising at least 2 thesis advisors, one is the thesis major advisor.

For doctoral degree student, a dissertation advisory committee shall be assigned for guiding, planning, and taking cafe of doing dissertation. The dissertation advisory committee comprises at least 3 dissertation advisors, where one is the dissertation major advisor.

General advisor and thesis major advisor may be a graduate school intructor of specialist instructure who is qualified as specified in no.20 of Chiang Mai University regulation on Graduate Education 2559 B.E.

Here is the Administrative Order of Appointing the General and Thesis advisory committee.

  Academic Year 1/2018 THA
  Academic Year 2/2018 THA
  Academic Year 1/2019 THA l ENG
  Academic Year 2/2019 THA l ENG
  Academic Year 1/2020 THA l ENG
  Academic Year 2/2020 THA l ENG


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