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Seminars and Journal Clubs
In addition to coursework, student's knowledge base is built through attending seminars and journal clubs. Developing the ability to understand and evaluate a broad range of research is an essential component of our program and therefore students are strongly encouraged to attend the journal club seminar series as well as any other seminar or journal club related to their interest.

Seminar series are offered by the each of departments: Medical Technology Department, Occupational Therapy Department, Physical Therapy Department, and Radiologic Technology Department. Students have to present at least one seminal per semester upon the entire period stated in the study plan and attend at least 80% of the regularly these seminars schedule in the semester. Students also participate outstanding lectures given about cutting-edge research and to meet and talk with scientists in each semester.

Journal clubs in which students and department present results from recent literature to each other, are a means of keeping up with progress in the literature and of developing critical thinking and oral presentation skills. Many of the seminars and journal clubs are following;

  1/2019 Academic Year MT l OT l PT l RT
  2/2019 Academic Year MT l OT l PT l RT
  1/2020 Academic Year MT l OT l PT l RT
  2/2019 Academic Year MT l OT l PT l RT


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